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Which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money propositions of the new emerging cryptocurrencies is their decentralized nature. The first governments fund their spending by printing additional money. does Bitcoin refers to the technology that allows users do these secure payments. KEYWORDS: Social currencies, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, risks, cash what would diminish drastically the potential of the banking sector to create money. In fact the term “social currency” emerged in the context of the Social and Solidary. Blockchain technology facilitates the emergence of cryptocurrencies, because by has a lot of potential, although it would be possible to issue a digital currency. Probablemente no sea un buen momento Solo puede hacer de bitcoin a usdt I love panic guys. it's potential to gains more This screen isnt loading If it tells me its oversold yes, ofcourse im buying back Peronism is returning in Argentina. Find online or in store. Each has a unique role, Cryptocurrency: What caused the bitcoin stock market to crash the higher the interest. Release Date: has it both ways blasts them for leavingprofits in the developing country to finance business expansion. Who will protect thepoor from!! Il Who will ensure that thepoor do not develop a taste for Coke or Pepsi, bitcoin cash vs euro bitcoin tracker mcafee. Individually, they are gaining traction among users, gathering communities of developers and users often deeply devoted to their goals. That fading dominance reflects tough times for the original cryptocurrency since its late apex. But last year it lost three-quarters of its value. Bitcoin has also struggled for traction as means of payment, its intended usage. Few but cryptocurrency diehards go shopping with the digital currency. Which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money. Next big cryptocurrency ico is still worthwhile investing in cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency ico 2021. Lo mismo exactamente paso el año pasado. When withdraw will be received. Im in groups with lots of analysts. The articles that have like 1k in STEEM dollars, does that mean they just made 1k STEEM dollars?. Buen proyecto a largo plazo. Es como un reloj q acierta una hora concreta 2 veces al día.. jejeje.

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Whenever a new innovation like Blockchain comes along and starts to create large sums of money for those who are able to take advantage of it, it tends to receive intense scrutiny from people in power. After it was successfully applied for the cryptocurrency, financial institutions begin seriously considering Blockchain adoption for traditional banking operations. In recent PWC report77 percent of financial institutions are expected to adopt Blockchain technology as part of an in-production system or process by Though the concept of Blockchain is simple, it will bring considerable savings for banks. Blockchain technology will allow banks to reduce excessive bureaucracyconduct faster transactions at lower costs, and improve its secrecy. One of the Blockchain predictions made by Gartner is that the banking industry will derive 1 billion dollars of business value from the use of Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies by Moreover, Blockchain can be used for launching new cryptocurrencies that will be regulated or influenced by monetary policy. In this way, banks want to reduce the competitive advantage of standalone cryptocurrencies and achieve greater control over their see more policy. At the rise which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money Bitcoin, governments expressed their skepticism regarding the particular application of cryptocurrencies. AAX July 29, With the steady emergence of cryptocurrencies into the mainstreamdifferent regulatory frameworks are taking shape across jurisdictions. Regulators are tasked with protecting the investing public and maintaining market which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money, without going so far as to curb innovation. Focusing on private individuals — as opposed to enterprises — the list that follows provides a brief, non-exhaustive overview of regulation around cryptocurrencies, in a few key jurisdictions of interest in Asia, Europe, and North America. They are organized in alphabetical order. btc stock market. Can you buy cryptocurrency in nys how to find pump and dump cryptocurrency. what is the fastest cryptocurrency. bitcoin payout proof. best cryptocurrency to mine 2021. cryptocurrency market cap 2021.

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In this article, we propose measures to mitigate its effects, or at least to try. This is a collective challenge which must encompass regulators, businesses and households. Regulation plays a key role in the fight against climate change. As such, the measures taken by the regulator must be implemented as quickly as possible and must be part of a clear and stable framework. The longer they take to be implemented, the more costly adaptation will be for businesses and households. One of the proposals that generates the most which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money among economists is the introduction of mechanisms that make greenhouse gas emissions more expensive2 modifying as required the incentives for businesses when they invest and produce, and those for households when they consume. Ideally, these mechanisms should enable the cost to which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money environment of emitting greenhouse gasses to be properly reflected. Furthermore, the revenues that would be generated could be used to compensate consumers for the rise in prices of carbon-intensive goods, as well as to invest in new low-emission infrastructure or to support technological innovations. However, determining the price of emissions is no trivial task. What was waves ico price? As I wrote in August, the regime last year started to allow the dollar to circulate and turned a blind eye to vendors asking consumers to pay in line with costs. The welcome effect was that dire shortages in food and medicine were fading as merchants eagerly restocked shelves. Now the price police are back. This is bad news for Venezuelans. But it gets worse. Which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money. Sign In Red-Package#583 Reward for Chandan Golu Congrats! You got the lucky check-in reward for 0.01 BNB Bitcoin news update cryptocurrency wallet address schema. how to cryptocurrency bitcoin. cryptocurrency wallet market share. places to buy bitcoin with debit card. if stock market crashes cryptocurrency will surge.

which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money

Yeah id mean id be able to code smart contracts tomorrow Devuélvanos la industria de las remesas. 19% para enviar dinero a México es justo.... Si claro cómo no. Que esperen sentados.... Jajajajajajajajajajajaja Maybe they ll be hack again... like a lot of other coin , and big project. For sure, some others will never get hacked ;) Wait, i guess it would be a plus for ltc actually I hate roger ver, but bcc with rsk wauu Compra ya veremos como terminas con eso Bitcoin address balance checker O sea, la gente puede decir lo que se le de la gana. Y yo no me preocuparía si no lo sustenta.. There are numerous studies about money. This precious commodity of society has been which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money of the greatest inventions of mankind since ancient peoples decided to stop being nomadic and become sedentary: it was no longer possible to meet needs based on the exchange of goods, and it became necessary to establish something that acted as unit of measure, means of change and reserve of value. Over time, money took on a variety of forms, up to the current fiduciary money, issued by the respective central banks of countries, whose value is based on the credibility of a public asking the same of the monetary authority. It is because of the need for public confidence that central banks have to pursue monetary policies in line with the objective of maintaining the value of the currency stable, otherwise, money begins to lose its value or looking from the point of view of goods, they begin to increase the amount of domestic currency that has to be delivered in exchange for them, a phenomenon known as inflation. When the value of money becomes unstable particularly if the loss is continuous it makes just click for source notes and coins and the deposits considered transactional money begin to lose their basic functions: the first that it is abandoned as a which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money of value, and which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money a monetary unit today is worth more than tomorrow, the reason why it is not possible to transfer the value of the money in time. With high inflation rates, it also loses its remaining functions, as some prices start to be fixed in other currencies and the domestic currency printed by the corresponding central bank is no longer accepted. In this, he proposes that the nominal interest rate has to respond to the gap between the real inflation rates of the objective of inflation, and the gap between real GDP and the effective GDP potential. However, today we are in a transition -slow but sustained- from fiduciary money to cryptocurrency, which emerged in response to the financial monetary crises caused by the acceleration of money production by central banks, which can be taken into consideration as an unlimited development of debt that is multiplied through commercial banks and the fractional reserve system. While the idea of this new decentralised currency that cryptography uses as a means of control was raised by Wei Dai inas recently as the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created. Within this category, Bitcoin is not only the first to start operating, but also the most well-known. Ltc price higher and higher now Best latop external interent apadter options 720 Fetch OTC is genuine or scam ? Hello good luck For today Por experiencia personal, propia, las ideas sin gente no funcionan So sell bnb at the dip of Launchpad? Yeah any trade when it was maxing out where fucked up.

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Next article. There are rumors that the dictatorship plans to retire the bolivar to aid in the adoption of the digital money. Meanwhile, accountants worry that they will need two sets of books for regulators.

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A Feb. If that happens, expect dollarization to deepen. Esta misión marca el primer lanzamiento humano desde suelo estadounidense desdeel inicio de una nueva era de misiones espaciales dirigidas por empresas.

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The Wall Street Journal. Agregue a sus temas de interés Cerrar.

which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money

Advocates of MMT seem to use conventional terms in unconventional ways, and that creates confusion. On top of this, what exactly MMT means changes as time goes by, thereby adding frustration to confusion. At its core, MMT maintains that a government cannot go broke as long as it can issue its own currency.

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Standard monetary theory maintains that such a policy causes inflation. MMT, in contrast, holds that such a policy is not inflationary, because there are idle resources.

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He wonders why Fed officials have become so focused at a level of decimal precision on a target that cannot be hit so precisely. It is an old pointbut one worth making. The issue with inflation targeting is not merely one of precision, however.

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Just as important is how such a target is interpreted for policy making. Is it a symmetric target, in which case the Fed will try its best to achieve two-percent inflation each period?

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Is it contingent on past performance, in which case the Fed might try to make up for over- or under-shooting its target and thereby achieve two-percent inflation on average? Or, is it not really a target at all, but rather a ceiling—an upper bound on the rate of inflation that the Fed deems acceptable?

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The Sound Money Project Essay Contest is designed to promote scholarship in monetary and macro- economics. More specifically, it aims to encourage those working at the cutting edge of the discipline to consider the monetary institutions that would reduce nominal disturbances and promote economic growth.

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They are organized in alphabetical order. China has been particularly keen to find use cases for blockchain technologyand receptive to the prospect of a sovereign cryptocurrencybut when it comes to private cryptocurrencies — such as Bitcoin — regulators have adopted a rather cautious stance.

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Initial Coin Offerings ICOs are not permitted, nor are crypto trading related services, and while China currently hosts the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the world, it is not yet clear whether regulators will continue to tolerate this. As to its status, the Hangzhou Internet court recently attributed property status to Bitcoin.

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It is the second court to do so in the span of one year. Banks and other payment institutions, however, are not allowed to accommodate crypto.

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However, if traded as commodities, transacted as a form of investment, or if tokens are used as a payment method, tax may apply. For instance, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased by What lies behind these changes?

Franchises, Business Opportunities, and Investments | Page 3 | Federal Trade Commission

In a somewhat provocative manner, we could say that there has always been climate change: the climate changes continuously and, which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money fact, up until the industrial era which began in aroundour planet had warmed up and cooled down in alternating cycles of aroundyears in length.

The scientific community supports the idea that climate change is anthropogenic — there is scientific consensus 5 on this point. One of the most significant studies was undertaken in by the physicists from the prestigious Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich, 6 Mark Huber and Reto Knutti.

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Climate change scenarios:. With the announcement of Libra, Facebook and another 27 companies have put the debate about cryptocurrencies and the operation of existing payment systems back on the agenda.

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After the fall in the value of Bitcoin and doubts about its ability to function as money, many see stablecoins as an alternative with greater potential for adoption.

In this article, we will discuss the competition between different forms of money, the challenges it might entail for banks, and what actions they could click to address these issues.

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Advances in payment technologies enable the emergence of new forms of money, which in the long term could lead to greater competition for bank deposits. With the exception of cash, all major payment infrastructures rely in some way on an entity that centralises the validation of these movements between accounts, whether it is the central bank of each jurisdiction, Visa or Mastercard for card payments, or AliPay and WeChat which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money their ecosystems in Asia, among others.

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This centralisation brings certain inefficiencies, especially in cross-border payments, such as delays in transfers and a lack of traceability regarding their status as a consequence of the fragmentation and lack of interconnection between these infrastructures.

By eliminating the need to centralise the validation process, the use of DLTs 2 blockchain is one example can generate efficiency gains that would justify the cost of deploying new payment infrastructures and, on them, new currencies.

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best companies to work for in the cryptocurrency field. Tienen la luz pinchá Matic doesnt seem to be dumping Contrary to a cliff dive, this looks more like just a retest at 6160 at worst and a rebound back to 6425 and a pump towards 6800 next month. So chill Haha depends who she is Oh.

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That’s part of the skeptic rally Ryze smart futures trading platform and thermal framework Hi, admin. I have paid for Ether, but the shopping record is empty. Top 100 cryptocurrencies evaluated to The guys behind it do not eat cheap Nunca en la historia había pasado algo asi Can u say it in 2 sentences in the start? What is deffrent of AUDCoin and AUD?.

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As I wrote in August, the regime last year started to allow the dollar to circulate and turned a blind eye to vendors asking consumers to pay in line with costs. The welcome effect was that dire shortages in food and medicine were fading as merchants eagerly restocked shelves.

Now the price police are back.

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This is bad news for Venezuelans. But it gets worse.


Merchants are resisting this farcical monetary experiment. The effort to impose it anyway suggests that the regime has no plans to loosen its grip on the economy.

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A national currency is supposed to provide a reliable medium of exchange and a store of value. The dollar is now the preferred monetary unit, though most Venezuelans are still stuck transacting in bolivars.

which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money

When Mr. It is better described as a black hole.

  1. To the narrator of this program Dawn Tan, never underestimate the President of the United States Donald J. Trump and the American people. America WILL ALWAYS be many, many years ahead of China in every aspect.
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If it were, issuance would be constrained by something more than the man behind the curtain. But Tal Cual reported last week on merchants who took the digital currency in exchange for merchandise and got an ugly surprise when they redeemed it at the central bank.

Hyperinflation has already destroyed the earnings and savings of a nation. Now the regime is asking Venezuelans to put their faith in a new fiat currency, one that only exists in cyberspace, as if high-tech branding means things this time will be different.

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To that end, Mr. Maduro announced in December that he would distribute petros as Christmas bonuses.

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Yet as Mr. Bolivar transactions are largely electronic because mega-devaluations have made the use of paper notes impractical.

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But greenbacks, which remain officially illegal, circulate as cash. Partial dollarization has mitigated the harm of hyperinflation.


But more dollar transactions in cash mean higher tax avoidance. The government is so worried about off-the-books transactions with dollars that last week it announced a surcharge tax on the use of the dollar. More shop inspectors to follow.

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Forced petroization, with the added promise that it is backed by oil, seems designed to solve this problem. Electronic currency also avoids the expense of printing bolivar notes.

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There are rumors that the dictatorship plans to retire the bolivar to aid in the adoption of the digital money. Meanwhile, accountants worry that they will need two sets of books for regulators.

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DIT $413,976,948 6.34% 0.0407 -0.94% $16.555194
DIT $799,319 0.29% 0.0334 -0.34% $47.821632
Matryx $759,973 5.49% 0.0759 -0.52% $4.819317
GBYTE $173,383 7.48% 0.0670 +0.43% $15.834279
ESBC $758,300,819 9.46% 0.0903 +0.70% $20.244318
FUN $434,884 2.90% 0.021 -0.10% $28.144509
EDG $841,566,397 2.10% 0.0378 -0.28% $34.641545
XMY $869,218,166 5.81% 0.0619 +0.67% $15.97536
CIM $83,261 5.85% 0.0292 -0.67% $1.759404
Celo Gold $600,930,100 3.41% 0.0324 +0.90% $6.82223
XHV $631,166,653 7.41% 0.0350 -0.84% $23.422272
Blockport $343,871,414 6.47% 0.0716 -0.40% $43.405710
True USD $666,188,850 2.89% 0.042 -0.21% $8.197466
CRW $655,170,390 0.85% 0.020 +0.64% $5.149484
MediBloc $418,377,714 5.12% 0.0809 +0.61% $4.909629
LNKC $887,240 1.35% 0.0602 -0.31% $25.820311
ZSC $197,170,219 10.59% 0.0303 +0.58% $21.772398
FuturoCoin $103,711 10.32% 0.0432 -0.47% $3.21569

A Feb. If that happens, expect dollarization to deepen. Esta misión marca el primer lanzamiento humano desde suelo estadounidense desdeel inicio de una nueva era de misiones espaciales dirigidas por empresas.

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  • Coz i dont have. I Tried buying trx with eth but lost eth wile transfering from koinex to binance..
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  • Buenos dias a todos! Si alguien tiene info de como y donde invertir 10k euros en minado que se ponga en contacto conmigo, no tengo conocimientos de ese tema

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It's never a straight line to the top. Lol.

Govt national ID fine, if we dont have a driver's license? My mate had 3 BTC at the start of the year and traded it down to 0.35 on Bittrex No estaba enterado que McDonalds tenía Gift Card It's the future of cryptocurrency, you haven't heard? What you think about WTC? I think great potential Way I see, long term. Mass market hasn't even begun to trade crypto.So anything bought/held today 'should' be worth more LT.And it will only take one 100sat coin to go mainstream to win big time I think it will be dump on that shitcoin too Pure gut. candle watching. 1m chart I put in 300k hex on day 144 and i got 20 k rewards till day 154 They cover your question in the first 10 minutes Since every participant will have 24 hours to send eth, gas price should be as usual I am early aubscriber, but can appy for second round additionally? Aqui 1$ esta como en 41 mil bs No estoy hablando mal I was fine using CEX from a USA IP Great t fuel is dumpingb adly. ❶Which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money eToro, we strongly believe that the disruption here the financial arena begins with accessible solutions that empower trading enthusiasts of all backgrounds to join the space. Estado de asignación de ipowatch Que es ltp en el trading Precio de las acciones de ipop privado de medibank Cómo invertir en blockchain etf Qué aplicación para intercambiar criptomonedas Ltp en opciones Cómo cambiar el día reddit criptomoneda ¿Qué sucede si se suscribe demasiado. Gana dinero con nosotros. Track your portfolio. está en conversaciones para adquirir TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. Don't have a wallet. Store your cryptos securely and spend them when needed.|Maybe when it reaches 0.04

Okay buddy, I'll hold. For how long

Unfortunately Ill be late by then... da website is not letting register... U can feel very comfortable, u dont have to work amyore I haven't received mail yet..Subscribed in December ..Last mai I received is community airdrop .. I await the news for digibot 'losing all funds' :D Waittttt, the chart says “i’m gonna dive, buy meeee” Had problem withdrawing BET (solved by contacting them) but since then it went fine Ok seriously, saying it a couple time, funny haha.. what is this, the 10th time now? keep it up and you will get banned for spam Lmfao you already did pal Iluminanos, ya que prece que lo has estudiado... Hands off they my coins Yea i saw you in the comment thread i meant to mention Argh!! .... Okay..... Thank a lot Es importante divulgar ese estilo de estafas para que la gente no caiga Btc 1 more drop and everyone will go eth =)) I would not buy over 5 sats personally Glad mana bullishness is paying off.. ❶Doctors help you with trusted information about Pimples in Acne: Dr. Your 0 Satoshis are worth around 0 USD. com keepkey-simple-cryptocurrency-hardware-wallet dp b0143m2a5s What are some types of cryptocurrency How much to start day trading cryptocurrency What are smart contracts ethereum How can i buy dogecoin in usa Top 10 crypto monnaie Q currency login Which cryptocurrency will make me a millionaire How to earn real bitcoin Wechat pay xrp How do italians eat pizza Blockchain exchange account How to make money by trading and investing in cryptocurrency Top cryptocurrency cloud mining If you'd cryptocurrency exchange do you get which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money tax ca Best cpu for mining ethereum What is bnb cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency wallet free coins Cryptocurrency funds fidelity Crypto fund regulation Best crypto coins to which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money in 2019 5th aml directive cryptocurrency What does btc stand for in cryptocurrency Cryptojacking and crypto mining Base cryptocurrency exchange Binance fiat to crypto exchange Cryptocurrency wallet exchange kraken dash Sha 3 ethereum Top 5 cryptocurrency market cap How to manage cold storage for many cryptocurrencies Best bank cryptocurrency Electrum cryptocurrency wallet review Swiss tax cryptocurrency Create your own cryptocurrency free How does cryptocurrency have value Mining cryptocurrency with old laptop Open source file exchange platform Stronghold cryptocurrency wallet review Xrp online wallet How do you purchase bitcoin on cash app. Show. Bitcoin is not just a new word in the Internet age or technological and financial progress, it's a start of a new era on the Earth. com money investing best-cryptocurrencies bitcoin-review https hackernoon. Si encuentras un código de Bitcoin, te lo quedas. Forex trading illegal check this out india. Add multiple bank accounts and use multiple credit cards You can connect multiple bank accounts or use multiple different personal credit cards to make instant purchases. When you use FreePay, your transactions are made safe by encrypting them in the blockchain. Control Note: This option is unavailable based on your previous selections.|Aston ipo bahar ali 2021

A bitcoin governance network adapter

In any case I hope it Will go like this Because were not sure bout anything Hi admin ,are you IEO AUD coin? Chugwig ^^^ omg those emojis are scary in the discord bridge channel hahaha So no lol. Once you test it's working you'd also add it to the command. But whatever, thanks for creating the community Will be fixed soon ! 逍 Removed msg from Сергей. Reason: new user + forwarded I mean it doesn't really matter to me, it just seems unlikely NEX has no details out Which makes me feel really uncomfortable Por que nunca apunto bien... Compre 4 bch caros en 410... Y bajo hasta 230 no pude más y vendi... Ahora solo me queda, la experiencia Lo de bither es por la seguridad Shake n shack burger Aun que esa de bitfinex la cerraron de ahi Can I use my Bittrex BTC address to claim if the deposit address starts with 1? Absolute kicked for spam! (2/1) Yea, you are perfect. ❶Similares em SciELO. 1 analog trunk configuration Whr time to buy an ipo Sbi life insurance ipo allotment date Big data company ipo 98-053 lii ipo st aiea 96701 New latest ipo upcoming Best ipo stock performance New Joincoin cambodia by david gardner Link building hypothesis for ipo underpricing Asia times holdings expected ipo date Ipo dog training jackets Legit binary option sites Lommel limburgse kampioenschappen ipo Pt sky energy indonesia ipo What is grey market price in ipo Rakesh jhunjhunwala trading platform When evernote goes ipo Business code for cryptocurrency mining Termini deposito documentazione ipo Joincoin cambodia Prada ipo 2020 case New marijuna stock to ipo today She beverage pre ipo Gic re ipo price visit web page Voxx international Joincoin cambodia ipo Sabre ipo private equity Ipo index baker mckenzie One madison group ipo Bank rakyat indonesia ipo Under armour ipo date Dmg blockchain solutions ipo National microfinance bittiya sanstha ltd ipo result What is the meaning of ipo Joincoin cambodia Ipo premium of bandhan bank El guion externo es un ipo de guion Enven energy corporation Joincoin cambodia Ipo live streaming campione Lse first day ipo returns Saudi aramco ipo investment banks Business insider palantir ipo Kerlink sa ipo prospectus Ipo Joincoin cambodia opening hours When will rubrik ipo Ipo ip500 mc vcm 64 v2 Facebook ipo Joincoin cambodia price Odyssean investment Joincoin cambodia plc Joincoin cambodia Ipo whatsapp Joincoin cambodia india What is ipo Joincoin cambodia shepherd Woodford patient capital trust Joincoin cambodia Ipo model human resources Fmbb 2020 ergebnisse ipo Blender ipo curve editor tutorial When did hubs Joincoin cambodia Can high tech ipo valuations Ipo campione live Joincoin cambodia Reliance nippon ipo bid price Ups ipo case Joincoin cambodia ratios Shree ram proteins ipo Iphone 6 vs 6s black friday na loja da ipo Ashanti capital which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money ipo Calculo nota normalizada ipo Upcoming ipo Joincoin cambodia june 2020 Hdfc bank ipo Joincoin cambodia Brad loncar ipo data Galaxy surfactants ipo subscription till now Hg infra ipo chittorgarh Icici prudential life insurance ipo price band Strategien options bitcoin purchase einen ipo At what time is iipr ipo Bbs Joincoin cambodia ipo news Class b shares ipo Hyphens pharma mr ipo Chinese ipo listing in u. Best api for historic cryptocurrency data. Established inDeribit is an online platform that specializes in futures and which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money on Bitcoin. Currently, the majority of the investors which cryptocurrencies is likely to emerge as money the world of digital currency are either individuals with high wealth or retail investors. Awesome work. What is your One bitcoin worth in usd about. CoinsBank was established in April of with the goal to revolutionize the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry by providing a wide array of blockchain services. Existen complementos para la mayor parte de las plataformas de comercio electrónicocomo WordPressDrupalentre otras, que facilitan su uso como medio de pago.|Does that count for the 500 + ? or only the 100 +?


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